North Hunt SUD is currently working on the water lines on CR 4605.  They are repairing a water line so you may have low pressure in the surrounding area.  The work began at 3:20pm and we are not sure how long it will take but they are working to repair the leak as soon as possible.


Past due accounts must be cleared no later than 4:00PM Monday September 25. Disconnection of service will begin on Tuesday September 26 without further notice.


CUTOFF NOTICE: We will begin cutoffs at 8am on Thursday September 7, 2017.  The new reconnect fee is $45.00.  Any account with the balance of $45.00 or more is subject to disconnection.  The only exception is if you have a written payment agreement on or before August 15, 2017.  All cutoffs will be completed before any meters will be unlocked.  Payments after 4pm will be reconnected on the following day. Thank you.

Accounts Past Due

Payments that were not received by 4:30pm on August 15th are considered late and past due. Accounts not cleared within 10 days are now subject to disconnection without further notice. We are no longer sending out past due notices and this will be your only notice. We appreciate your immediate attention in taking care of this important matter. Thank you.

Water Off in Horton & Woodglen

We just received word from the City of Commerce the water is being shut off at Ivory Moore park for them to fix a leak. They are estimating the water will be off for an hour or so. Hopefully it will be fixed quickly as to not really affect any of our customers. Thank You.


This message is for those that still have not paid the past due amount that was due on 6/30/17, your payment must be received in this office no later than 8:00am on Monday July 10, (in the drop box provided on our front door)or your service is going to be disconnected. Also, as a reminder please keep in mind beginning August 1, past due amounts larger than $45 will be subject to cut off without notice. Your immediate attention to any past due account will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Cut Offs Scheduled

We still have a few that have not paid the past due accounts that were due by 4/28/17. Therefore past due accounts will be disconnected on Monday May 8, 2017. Please pay online at or call 1-855-388-5591. Past due payments must be received by 8:00AM on Monday May8, 2017 or service will be disconnected. Thank you.




Disconnections for past due accounts will begin at approximately 10:00am today. If your service is disconnected for non-payment you may not pay by check, and you must pay your past due amount plus the reconnect fee no later than 4:00pm today or your service will not be reconnected before 8:00am tomorrow.

Cut off for Past Due Accounts!

Notice for Past Due Accounts Only! North Hunt SUD will begin locking past due accounts.  The cutoff was scheduled for Monday February 27, 2017.  Past dues were mailed.  No verbal agreements, only written and signed agreements if you are paying a past due amount and should be received on or before the 15th of each month if your payment will be late. All accounts will be locked before they are able to unlock meters after payment is received.  All payments must be recieved by 4pm to have service reconnected the same day.  Any payments after 4pm will be unlocked within 24 hours. No Checks!


North Hunt SUD is asking everyone to conserve water.  North Hunt SUD purchases a portion of its water from the City of Commerce.  The City of Commerce Water Treatment Plant had a fire last night and we are waiting to hear the full extent of damages to the plant.  Please conserve water until further notice.  Thank you for your help.